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Cell-Phone-Distracted-Driving-Ticket-300x226Illinois does not allow motorists to use their cell phone for talking, texting, or using any other means of electronic communication while they are operating their motor vehicle on a public road. The only way you can use your cell phone while driving is through Bluetooth technology, provided that you are 19 and over. In the last couple of years, tickets issued for using cell phones while driving have become common. The laws regarding use of a cell phone while driving have undergone several changes throughout the years. As a result, many motorists are not fully aware of what the rules are when it comes to using their cell phones while driving. Most of the clients who I meet for cases like this frequently tell me that they did not know how restrictive the cell phone usage laws are in Illinois. I want to take this opportunity to explain the cell phone Distracted Driving law in Illinois so that you know what is allowed and what is not allowed in Illinois.

In 2019, the Illinois legislature changed the Illinois Distracted Driving law by imposing stricter limits on the use of cell phones in cars, and making a ticket for using your cell phone while driving a moving violation in Illinois. Before 2019, a ticket for using your cell phone in your car was punishable by a fine only and was not reported to the Illinois Secretary of State so a ticket for using your cell phone would not affect your license. After 2019, a ticket for using your cell phone while driving is considered a moving violation which will be reported to the Secretary of State and will go on your driving record and affect the status of your driver’s license. A ticket for using your cell phone will never be removed from your driving record, regardless of what happens with the ticket.

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